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Here at OliveBox, we have always loved the kitchen and paper products of all kinds for your home. Their beauty, their timelessness, the effort put into their delivery, is much more important than anything electronic. After the era of electronic everything, we finally returned to the delight of beautiful handwritten letters and received a physical gift in the mail. Everyone is so busy these days, and we think it’s time to press the pause. Take a moment to enjoy the journey, and enjoy this moment when you have the opportunity.

To share this joy, we are pleased to present our new subscription to the OliveBox service! As a member, you will receive a delightful box of paper and living products that you can use to decorate your kitchen and your refrigerator, which are delivered to your front door every month. From postcards to artwork to inspirational books and gift ideas, you never know what interesting products you will unwrap each month, preparing food for your family. Each box will have an unexpected theme and will contain goodies that have been transformed by the beauty of the paper.

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