“Power of Gratitude” box

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november-2013In order to help make gratitude a priority in your life, we curated a box full of goodies to inspire a life full of love and appreciation.
  • With Chronicle Book’s Gratitude journal you can keep a daily record of all life’s blessings, and continue to reflect upon what makes life so wonderful. Find insightful prompts and inspiring quotes tucked inside, with plenty of space for your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Need a new daily mantra? Lindsay Letter’s beautiful “Thanks and Giving” print will raise your spirits and keep positivity flowing.
  • And, in order to tell those you cherish the most how thankful you are for them, we included two charming cards: A. Favorite Design‘s “Good Karma” letterpress card and Rocket Ink‘s “Give Thanks Squirrel” card.

*please note this is the November 2013 box for purchase.  

**limited quantities available**