“Make A Wish” box

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sold out dec gold

Publish a bestselling mystery novel. Win an Olympic gold medal. Whatever your wildest desires, this OliveBox is destined to make your wishes come true.

Here’s a sneak peek of the lucky charms you’ll find inside:

  • Write your dream down on a piece of this special paper, and then ignite it with a match to watch your wish take flight as it rises up to the ceiling. Each tube from Tops Malibu comes filled with 10 magenta-tinted papers. (please note we can not swap colors with purchase) 


  • Not to spoil the surprise, but we’ve seen straight into your future, and it looks mighty shiny. Pin this fortune-telling card by The Social Type to your wall for optimistic inspiration, or send it to a friend who’s headed in a bright new direction.
  • Jot down your boldest dreams in this gorgeous Moglea to-do notebook to bring them a step closer to fruition.
  • For one last dose of enchantment, we’ve included a Pink Olive metallic star sticker pack, so you can seal things up with a whimsical sparkle.

Pixie dust sold separately ;)


**limited quantities available 

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