‘Love’ card box

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There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day festivities, from the red rose bouquets to the boxes of chocolates. But there’s no sweeter testament to true romance than a carefully chosen card with a heartfelt note. A good old-fashioned valentine makes the perfect keepsake, permanently preserving your fond feelings on paper.

This box is all about love, with six very special cards for your very special someone. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  1. Give hot pink hugs and kisses with this “xoxo” card by Alexis Mattox Design.
  2. For your favorite funny foodie, this Beau Arrow “pizza love” card is cheesy in a good way.
  3. This “adventures” card by Written In Detail is the ideal sentiment for your partner in the grand adventure of life.
  4. Send some sweet smooches to your beloved with this “smooch you” card by Georgie Pearl Designs.
  5. This “free kisses, free hugs” card by Quirky Paper Co is cuter than any average coupon.
  6. Prove that your love is as precious as diamonds with this gemstone-reminiscent “I love you” card by Huckleberry Press.

To seal the deal with one more hint of heart, we’ve also included a Pink Olive heart sticker pack.

**limited quantities available 

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