‘Birthday’ Card box

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From the cakes to the confetti to the carefully chosen presents, birthdays are filled with fun festivities. But as paper lovers, the cards tend to be our favorite part about every birthday bash. Handpicked paper greetings can often be gifts on their own, serving as lasting keepsakes to commemorate our yearly celebrations of those we love.

This OliveBox includes six special cards for all kinds of birthday wishes. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  1. This “woohoo!” card by Frameworthy Designs comes with exuberant color and cheer.
  2. Katharine Watson’s graphic floral card is warm and cheery, made with a hand-carved linoleum block.
  3. This woodland-themed card by Little Truths Studio simply tells it like it is from the sweet tooths among us.
  4. This “gluten free” card by Cypress Card Co should suit the taste of the friend with very particular preferences.
  5. If you tend to take “snail mail” a little too literally, this belated birthday card by Deluce Design sends a sweet (if slightly slow) message.
  6. Pen+Pillar, too, provides the perfect card for the times when you’re running a bit behind schedule with your birthday wishes.

For one last bit of birthday love, we’ve also included a Pink Olive pink heart sticker pack.

**limited quantities available