‘Believe in Magic’ Lifestyle box

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In this box we celebrated the mini moments that color our lives. The moments that make us pause and remember that magic is all around us. Here’s what you could find tucked inside.
  • Find joy in the simple surprises with Tops Malibu’s silver metallic surprise ball. Up to four little gifts can be found hidden inside, all sure to bring a twinkle to the eye.
  • Send fabulous birthday wishes to your favorite friend and inspire a year full of dreams.
  • Or, send your lucky gal pal our very own Johanna Cary’s card as a sweet reminder to always believe in magic.
  • Dive into Chronicle’s Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams and discover the compelling meanings of our hidden psyche.
  • And, finally, cover your notebooks, mirrors and laptops with Pink Olive’s Dream sticker pack. Never stop dreaming. It’s where the magic begins.
Here’s to believing in magic all around us.
**limited quantities available 
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