How to choose a living room table – interesting design ideas and useful tips for your choice

The table is one of the main furniture attributes and has many functions. Without it, the living room design seems incomplete. It complements and, to some extent, transforms the interior of the room. In this article we will talk about how to choose a table in the living room, what variants of constructions there are. In this way, you can find a beautiful and practical product for your guest room.

Which table to choose in the living room: tips when buying

When selecting a table, first determine what functions it will perform in the room. The living room is a multifunctional room, which is designed for pleasant leisure time. Here you can gather together as a family or meet guests, so the main task is to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

The living room is often used as a dining room, office or home theater. If your goal is to make the living room a mini home theater, then surround the table with a comfortable soft sofa and chairs. Sometimes it is advisable to place several tables – magazine and lunch. A computer table, in addition to the main purpose (computer work), can be successfully used as a dining room.

Modern furniture stores offer a wide range of living room furniture. Products vary in shape, size, construction, materials and design. If you want to buy a table that fits harmoniously into the living room space, then consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • The size of the room and the availability of free space for placement of furniture;
  • Whether you need a desk to work at your computer, read books, have family dinners or play board games.
  • Select the colour of the table according to the main or additional colour accent. It all depends on the individual features of the guest room;
  • The texture and decoration of the table should match the design style of the room;
  • The interior composition is characterized by its lines and materials. For example, an aluminum table will fit very well into a living room art nouveau. And this same Baroque product will be “neither to the village nor to the city”.
  • Pay attention to important parameters such as stability, wear resistance and durability of the structure.

Types of living room tables

The following types of tables can be placed in the living room:

1.Computer table in living room interior

It is not always possible to allocate an entire room for work or study, so the workplace is organized in a living room, most often the living room. In order for the computer table to be as ergonomic as possible, certain features must be observed:

  • Functionality of the workplace
    – all kinds of shelves, stands, drawers should be placed at hand and properly arranged.
  • Adequate illumination
    – when you work at the computer for a long time your eyes get tired, so make sure you take care of quality lighting. Okay, if the computer desk is by the window. If this is not possible, buy daylight bulbs.
  • Workspace separation
    – possible with special furniture, flooring, decorative elements. Try to create all the necessary conditions for quiet work.

2. Magazine table in the living room interior

In the living room, the sofa and TV are mandatory attributes. Agree that such a compact and comfortable interior element as a coffee table will bring more coziness and warmth into everyday life.

You can put newspapers, magazines, flower vase, figurines, watches and other items on it. For those who like to have tea or coffee while watching a movie, you can put all the necessary attributes for this procedure here.

The coffee table is a favorite interior item because it is:

  • Convenient in operation;
  • It’s multifunctional;
  • Transport furniture – often manufacturers equip tables with small wheels, which allows you to move to a convenient place if necessary;
  • Does not clutter the room due to its small size.
  • It is made of a variety of materials, but most owners prefer to install a glass table in the living room, as it is compact and looks stylish.

3. Writing desk in living room

This furniture belongs to the classics and is designed for writing, reading books, magazines and convenient work with documents. Usually the desk has a wide tabletop on which it is convenient to work with textbooks and papers and to store writing materials. But it can also be used to work with a laptop. Most often these tables are made of wood, as they look presentable and easy to use.

4. Tables-transformers

Transformers tables differ in design as well as in appearance. Designers distinguish the following types of folding tables:

  • Living room transformer table is a great option for small spaces, which allows you to easily create dynamic functional areas. To do that, just lay out the coffee table, turning it into a dining table.
  • Dining table in the living room – in the folded form plays the role of an elongated pedestal with drawers, and in the decayed looks like full furniture for family dinner. In this way, the traditional folding table becomes a multifunctional piece of furniture.
  • Transformer dining tabletop – when assembled, it is used as a wall decor. The movable element is attached to the wall and the worktop hangs on the movable element together with the folding leg. All you have to do is lift up the lid of the table and fold back the leg, and you’ll get a full dining tabletop.
  • A sliding dining table for the living room is an option for those who want to have a small table in the living room, but periodically need to increase the tabletop area Just a few minutes a small table turns into a large one, and this process does not bother you at all.

5. Dining table in living room

If you decide to divide the living room into functional areas: for lunch and reception, then you need a good dining table. However, choosing good furniture is not so easy. The following tips from iDezz will help you do that:

  • Pick up the table according to what you plan to create the dining area. If the functional area is static, i.e. stored permanently, then select the classic option. For the dynamic dining area, which is available only for reception purposes, you can choose the Transformer table for the living room.
  • If you want, you can pick up folding chairs for it.
  • Choose a table for family breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the living room according to the interior composition of the room. It must become an organic part of it. However, in the case of the Transformer table you can afford some liberties.
  • When designing a static dining area, pay attention to the size of the future dining table. The classic model will be life-size and it will not be possible to remove it. Transformers are given less attention in this regard. But still, make sure that the table is foldable for the living room didn’t take up all the living space, and guests and relatives were comfortable sitting and getting up over it.
  • Think of the most convenient shape for the dining table in the living room. iDezz advises you to rely on a designer composition when choosing a shape.
  • The choice of the dining table is also influenced by the material from which it is made. It is better to choose models from environmentally friendly materials. If you need a lounge folding dining table, then consider the important requirement when choosing one: the movable parts must be made of sturdy parts.