Who is Olive?

It was a cool, sunny Sunday when Olive sat down at her desk to write a little something to Renate, her pen pal from Switzerland.  They had been pen pals for a while now, sending hellos back and forth across the world. This time Olive was having a harder time trying to figure out what to write. The last time she had written she had described her cute new neighbor, Mark, who had just moved in downstairs. She had noticed that they had a lot in common, judging from the magazines she saw in the mailroom, not that she’d been spying or anything! But this time there wasn’t anything new to report on that front.

Suddenly, Olive’s eyes lit up! She knew exactly what to write about! Bending low over her new stack of cards, favorite pen in hand, she began scribbling furiously. Fall had always been Olive’s favorite time of year, especially here in New York City. Something about the changing leaves turned the city to gold, warming her even on the first chilly nights of the season. She described the changing energy of her favorite city, and the fun of wandering from store to store checking out the new season’s offerings. After a full page of musings Olive put down her pen and took another sip of her Chai, the flavors matching that of the scene she had just described.

She sealed the letter inside a new envelope, excited to send it on its way. Standing up she gathered her stack of correspondence, their colorful envelopes reminding her of the changing leaves outside. Lost in this reverie she didn’t notice Mark standing by the front door, and walked right into him, knocking his own stack of letters from his hand. They both blushed crimson as Olive apologized. So, another thing we have in common: our love of snail mail! She thought. She smiled and went about her merry way.

Enjoy the journey Olive… who knows, you might even find out Mark loves home decorating too!