It’s time to unveil our July Lifestyle Box!

Happy Monday! We’ve made it to warm nights and sunny beach days! (Or at least lots of air-conditioned days.) Go enjoy the best of small summer delights this month. Bare feet on the concrete sidewalk or soft grass. Lightning bugs at … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our June Lifestyle Box!

Hey there! Love yourself, love your plants. If we have control over anything: it’s our own personal space. Surround yourself with some healthy, oxygen-sharing friends this month. Or at least some facsimiles. Got a friend graduating? Starting a new job? … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our Gingiber card box!

    It’s difficult to imagine that animals could be made any cuter — but Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber sure proves us wrong. Delivered straight to your mailbox from the historic downtown of Springfield, Arkansas, these beautiful hand-illustrated cards started … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our April lifestyle box!

Happy Friday! This April, we’re bringing you a spring bursting to life in your mailbox, no matter your local weather forecast claims.  Whether you hail from the pacific northwest (rain), the tropical southeast (it’s already summer), or the northeast (who … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our Birthday-themed card Box!

Happy Monday! This card box is for all those springtime birthdays that you forget about every year and then whip through your calendar with the force of March winds. Enjoy this stock of new finds! And most importantly: impress your … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our March lifestyle box + Join us today!

Happy Tuesday! If it takes strength to be gentle and kind, then let OliveBox be your trainer this month. Look inside this special box for plenty of emotional gymspiration for yourself and others! Just as it takes time to build … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our February lifestyle box!

Happy Tuesday! Voyagers! Strike the wanderlust in your heart with this special box. Whether you jet across the globe or resolve to explore your own neighborhood, let fearlessness speak up this month! Pop into that new place you always pass … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our Winter-themed card box!

Happy Thursday! Maybe the best advice for winter months can be described by this new card from katygirldesigns: drink some strong coffee, put on mascara, and deal with it. It’s easy to want to curl up under the covers until … Continue reading

Bring it on! It’s time to unveil our January lifestyle box + Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday! It’s always a good time to remind people that they’re loved, but especially so at the start of a new year! Let one of your add-on resolutions this year to show friends and family love and support in … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our December lifestyle box!

  Sometimes in the overwhelming tide of the holidays, it’s easy to become submerged. This December, look to our sea-green assortment for hope and harmony. Let each item reflect on the good we’ve accomplished and the kindness needed for future … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our November lifestyle box!

Happy Monday! With shorter days and wintry nights, November is the best time to remind us to take a breath. We know it’s the push toward the holidays and New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner. But don’t forget, above … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our November card box + Giveaway!

Happy Monday! It’s no secret that here at OliveBox, we love a good dose of daily whimsy. And nothing says whimsy and delight more than the Mr. Boddington’s Studio — the fictional master who “apprenticed in Tsar Nicholas’ correspondence court” … Continue reading

Believe in Magic! It’s time to unveil our October Lifestyle box!

Happy Wednesday! This month, we celebrated the mini moments that color our lives. The moments that make us pause and remember that magic is all around us. Here’s what you could find tucked inside. Find joy in the simple surprises … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our September card box + FREE box! :)

  Happy Monday! Here at OliveBox, we believe in the daily practice of gratitude. Giving thanks for the simple joys in life, like a sweet gesture from a friend or a kind smile from a stranger, enhances the quality of … Continue reading

Let’s party! It’s time to unveil our September Lifestyle box!

Happy Wednesday! Yes, we love birthday parties, baby showers and anniversary dinners, but what about celebrating “the little things?” Here at OliveBox, we relish in our big milestones as much as we cherish our small victories. That’s why this month … Continue reading

Calling all artists! It’s time to unveil our August lifestyle box!

As creatives, our love for art extends beyond an appreciation for well-executed and aesthetically pleasing design. Praiseworthy art helps us develop, evaluate and improve our own work. Through our own artistic process and creative expressions we can not only grow … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our June card box + FREE box!

      Happy Wednesday! Sometimes no reason at all is reason enough to send a sweet message to your loved ones. This month’s OliveBox card box includes six special pieces of snail mail to send … just because. Here’s … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’ + It’s time to unveil our July lifestyle box!

Happy Wednesday! Summer is the season of simple and timeless joys — ice cream cones, day trips to the beach, barbecues and boundless sunshine. It’s these sights, smells and sounds of the season that ignite feelings of nostalgia and inspire us to … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our June lifestyle box + Last day!

Happy Tuesday! Many of us long to get out of our homes and spend time in nature. Mere minutes passed in the presence of flowers, plants and other natural greenery have the ability to bring us back to our roots, … Continue reading

Here’s to color & enchantment. It’s time to unveil our May Olivebox! ??

Happy Wednesday! A simple set of crayons or pencils can be like a magical portal, transporting both the young and the young at heart from the stresses of everyday reality to the wild realm of the imagination. This month’s OliveBox … Continue reading

Celebrating weddings and anniversaries – it’s time to unveil our May card box!

Happy Tuesday! There are three classic elements you can count on finding at almost any wedding: flowers, fashion, and a few full-brimmed glasses of champagne. This month’s OliveBox card box includes six special pieces of snail mail that pay homage … Continue reading

To Moms and Mums. It’s time to unveil our April OliveBox! :)

Happy Monday! There’s no sweeter season than the spring. As the trees and flowers blossom and the earth seems to burst back to life, we’re reminded of Mother Nature’s splendor and strength. And of course, we’re preparing to celebrate our … Continue reading

You bring the cake, we’ll bring the cards – it’s time to reveal this month’s card box!

From the cakes to the confetti to the carefully chosen presents, birthdays are filled with fun festivities. But as paper lovers, the cards tend to be our favorite part about every birthday bash. Handpicked paper greetings can often be gifts … Continue reading

Dig in! It’s time to unveil our March OliveBox! :)

Happy Monday! I hope you’re hungry, paper lover, because this month’s OliveBox is a visual feast of delicious design. Whether you have a penchant for pizza or a fondness for fresh fruit, these gifts and stationery are sure to satisfy … Continue reading

Sail away with us! ⛵ It’s time to unveil our February OliveBox! :)

Happy Friday! After several long months of dreary winter weather, we’re ready to set sail for a sunny getaway. Our February OliveBox is all about outdoor adventures, whether on land or out at sea, in pursuit of easy-breezy inspiration and … Continue reading

Be Mine. It’s time to unveil this month’s OliveBox card box!

Hey there! There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day festivities, from the red rose bouquets to the boxes of chocolates. But there’s no sweeter testament to true romance than a carefully chosen card with a heartfelt note. A good … Continue reading

Celebrating YOU! It’s time to unveil our January OliveBox! :)

Hi there! It’s a brand new year: prime time for a brand new you. The holidays are all about giving gifts to others, so January provides the perfect opportunity to shift the focus back towards celebrating your own amazing self. … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our November OliveBox!

Happy Friday! Fall might just be Mother Nature’s most magical season. As the leaves turn to gold and the air crisps to cold, the great outdoors seems to transform into an enchanted autumn wonderland, and the entire animal kingdom comes … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil this month’s card box! ??? #grateful

Happy Wednesday! ’Tis the season of warmth and gratitude, when we gather around fires and festive feasts to express our thanks for those we love. This month’s card box is all about the fuzzy feelings associated with holiday cheer, including … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our October OliveBox!

  Happy Wednesday! Here at OliveBox, we’re more about treats than tricks. October is the perfect month to celebrate cozy comforts and sweet little luxuries. This month’s OliveBox is piled high as leaf piles with homey autumnal delights. Here’s a … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil this month’s card box!

Hey there, In scientific studies, frequent expressions of gratitude have repeatedly proven to improve mental and physical well-being, with health benefits including strengthened immune systems, heightened optimism, and more. This month’s card box is all about offering “thanks” through the power … Continue reading

Get Printspired! It’s time to unveil our Sept OliveBox! And, the winner is… ?

  Hey there, It’s not easy chasing dreams, challenging norms, and breaking barriers. When the going gets tough in the pursuit of big, bold goals, sometimes an extra kick of inspiration can be just what we need to stay on … Continue reading

Back to (old) school. It’s time to unveil our August OliveBox! ?

  Happy Friday! Though there are still several weeks of summer left to spare, August always prompts nostalgia for back-to-school butterflies. We start craving the satisfying crack of a new notebook’s spine and the scent of ink on paper, and … Continue reading

Did someone say birthday? It’s time to unveil our July card box! 💌🎁🎉🎂

Hey there! Bring on the balloons and the cake: this month’s OliveBox is all about birthdays! Whether you’re celebrating friends or family members, young or old, our latest box offers six special ways to commemorate another year in the lives … Continue reading

Ahoy, paper lover! It’s time to unveil our June OliveBox! ⚓⛵

Happy Monday! Anchors aweigh – we’re officially setting sail for summer! With the promise of balmy beach days just beyond the horizon, this month’s OliveBox is brimming with nautical-themed gifts to celebrate the sunny, salty, and sandy season. To tide … Continue reading

Wedding bells are ringing! It’s time to unveil this month’s card box! 👰💌

Hey there! Can you hear the bells tolling in the distance? It’s wedding season, and our latest OliveBox is brimming with cards for the occasion! Whether you’re welcoming a sibling-in-law to the family or toasting to your best friend’s new … Continue reading