Here’s to color & enchantment. It’s time to unveil our May Olivebox! 💛🌿

Happy Wednesday! A simple set of crayons or pencils can be like a magical portal, transporting both the young and the young at heart from the stresses of everyday reality to the wild realm of the imagination. This month’s OliveBox … Continue reading

Celebrating weddings and anniversaries – it’s time to unveil our May card box!

Happy Tuesday! There are three classic elements you can count on finding at almost any wedding: flowers, fashion, and a few full-brimmed glasses of champagne. This month’s OliveBox card box includes six special pieces of snail mail that pay homage … Continue reading

To Moms and Mums. It’s time to unveil our April OliveBox! :)

Happy Monday! There’s no sweeter season than the spring. As the trees and flowers blossom and the earth seems to burst back to life, we’re reminded of Mother Nature’s splendor and strength. And of course, we’re preparing to celebrate our … Continue reading

You bring the cake, we’ll bring the cards – it’s time to reveal this month’s card box!

From the cakes to the confetti to the carefully chosen presents, birthdays are filled with fun festivities. But as paper lovers, the cards tend to be our favorite part about every birthday bash. Handpicked paper greetings can often be gifts … Continue reading

Dig in! It’s time to unveil our March OliveBox! :)

Happy Monday! I hope you’re hungry, paper lover, because this month’s OliveBox is a visual feast of delicious design. Whether you have a penchant for pizza or a fondness for fresh fruit, these gifts and stationery are sure to satisfy … Continue reading

Sail away with us! ⛵ It’s time to unveil our February OliveBox! :)

Happy Friday! After several long months of dreary winter weather, we’re ready to set sail for a sunny getaway. Our February OliveBox is all about outdoor adventures, whether on land or out at sea, in pursuit of easy-breezy inspiration and … Continue reading

Be Mine. It’s time to unveil this month’s OliveBox card box!

Hey there! There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day festivities, from the red rose bouquets to the boxes of chocolates. But there’s no sweeter testament to true romance than a carefully chosen card with a heartfelt note. A good … Continue reading

Celebrating YOU! It’s time to unveil our January OliveBox! :)

Hi there! It’s a brand new year: prime time for a brand new you. The holidays are all about giving gifts to others, so January provides the perfect opportunity to shift the focus back towards celebrating your own amazing self. … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our November OliveBox!

Happy Friday! Fall might just be Mother Nature’s most magical season. As the leaves turn to gold and the air crisps to cold, the great outdoors seems to transform into an enchanted autumn wonderland, and the entire animal kingdom comes … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil this month’s card box! 💌💌💌 #grateful

Happy Wednesday! ’Tis the season of warmth and gratitude, when we gather around fires and festive feasts to express our thanks for those we love. This month’s card box is all about the fuzzy feelings associated with holiday cheer, including … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our October OliveBox!

  Happy Wednesday! Here at OliveBox, we’re more about treats than tricks. October is the perfect month to celebrate cozy comforts and sweet little luxuries. This month’s OliveBox is piled high as leaf piles with homey autumnal delights. Here’s a … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil this month’s card box!

Hey there, In scientific studies, frequent expressions of gratitude have repeatedly proven to improve mental and physical well-being, with health benefits including strengthened immune systems, heightened optimism, and more. This month’s card box is all about offering “thanks” through the power … Continue reading

Get Printspired! It’s time to unveil our Sept OliveBox! And, the winner is… 😍

  Hey there, It’s not easy chasing dreams, challenging norms, and breaking barriers. When the going gets tough in the pursuit of big, bold goals, sometimes an extra kick of inspiration can be just what we need to stay on … Continue reading

Back to (old) school. It’s time to unveil our August OliveBox! 📚

  Happy Friday! Though there are still several weeks of summer left to spare, August always prompts nostalgia for back-to-school butterflies. We start craving the satisfying crack of a new notebook’s spine and the scent of ink on paper, and … Continue reading

Did someone say birthday? It’s time to unveil our July card box! 💌🎁🎉🎂

Hey there! Bring on the balloons and the cake: this month’s OliveBox is all about birthdays! Whether you’re celebrating friends or family members, young or old, our latest box offers six special ways to commemorate another year in the lives … Continue reading

Ahoy, paper lover! It’s time to unveil our June OliveBox! ⚓⛵

Happy Monday! Anchors aweigh – we’re officially setting sail for summer! With the promise of balmy beach days just beyond the horizon, this month’s OliveBox is brimming with nautical-themed gifts to celebrate the sunny, salty, and sandy season. To tide … Continue reading

Wedding bells are ringing! It’s time to unveil this month’s card box! 👰💌

Hey there! Can you hear the bells tolling in the distance? It’s wedding season, and our latest OliveBox is brimming with cards for the occasion! Whether you’re welcoming a sibling-in-law to the family or toasting to your best friend’s new … Continue reading

It’s Party Time! 🎉🎊🎈

It’s Party Time! If there’s any particular season that’s prime for celebrations, it’s the spring. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and every last tree and flowerbed is bursting with colorful blooms. This month, we’re joining Mother Nature’s … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our April OliveBox + Special surprise gift…

Happy weekend! There are few things more calming than a warm, steaming mug, more whimsical than an intricately painted tea set, or more comforting than a large pot of Earl Grey shared slowly with a close friend. Set some water … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our spring card box! And, the winner is..

Happy Monday! Budding signs of spring are everywhere, including our newest OliveBox card box! Today, we are unveiling the latest cards arriving at your doorstep. This month, we chose six greeting cards to help you usher in the beauty of … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our March OliveBox + Sneak peek!

Happy Friday! This month OliveBox celebrated the sweet things in life, most notably our love for donuts!  Much like letter writing, donuts have slowly become an unexpected treat – reminding us of the deliciously simple times of childhood. It’s true … Continue reading

Spread the love

  Happy Friday! February is a special month dedicated to LOVE; and, although we celebrate Valentine’s Day only once a year, there are plenty of ways to spread the love all 365 days! This month’s OliveBox was dedicated to giving … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our January OliveBox! :)

Happy Wednesday! A new year always presents the opportunity for us to try new things: a new routine, a new hobby or a new attitude. But what if instead of trying new things this year, we try the old ways … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our love card box! :) Plus, the winner is… ♥

Happy Wednesday! Today we are giving you a sneak peek into our latest OliveBox card box. Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, this card box is filled with six love-themed cards. From your best friend to your sweetheart, we’ve … Continue reading

Happy {almost} Christmas! And, the winner is… :)

The signs of the holidays are all around us: twinkle lights, tree lined sidewalks, the red and green and snowy days. It’s a magical time of year best spent in the company of those you love. And whether you are … Continue reading

Don’t miss this fun paper ribbon giveaway!!

  Happy Wednesday! It’s that time again for another special giveaway! Arriving just in time for the holiday season, our friends at Hester & Cook are sharing some of their favorite decorative ribbons with you. Paper Ribbon is the perfect … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our winter holiday card box! :)

Happy Tuesday!   Today we are giving you a sneak peek inside our NEWEST OliveBox card box! Arriving just in time for the holiday season, this month’s card box features six winter-themed holiday cards. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we have … Continue reading

November is about gatherings. It’s time to unveil our latest OliveBox :)

Happy Wednesday! November is a special month full of gratitude and gatherings, and with Thanksgiving only a couple weeks away, we couldn’t help but gift a box full of inspiration to share with loved ones. As we head toward the … Continue reading

It’s time to unveil our latest OliveBox + Special gift worth purring about

Happy Tuesday! Autumn always brings us back home. It’s the season of cool afternoon strolls through the neighborhood, shared tea at the kitchen table and lazy Sunday mornings spent with a book inside. To us, fall means comfort. A time … Continue reading

Be Inspired + OliveBox Card Box Unveiling Time ♥

Happy Monday! Today we are giving you a sneak peek inside our newest OliveBox card box. This month, we chose six cards meant to inspire. So, whether you want to say “hello” to a loved one or tell her how … Continue reading

September is Friendship Month + Unveiling Time! :)

Happy Tuesday! This month OliveBox celebrated our special friends … YOU! Since September is international friendship month, we wanted to send paper goods that are best when shared with your partner-in-crime, travel companion, date night buddy, soul-mate, sidekick and best … Continue reading

August Box Unveiling Time + And the winner is… :)

Happy Friday! August always seems to usher in a new sense of motivation. As the lazy days of summer dwindle, our efforts to “get things done” escalate. Whether the end of summer marks back to school season in your home … Continue reading

It’s time to celebrate the little ones in your life! AND, the winner is..

Happy Monday! Today we are giving you a sneak peek inside our newest OliveBox card box. This month, each of our six hand-selected greeting cards were baby themed! This collection of paper goodies provides a few sweet ways to welcome … Continue reading

July is in full bloom. It’s time to unveil our latest OliveBox :)

Hey there! There is something almost magical about summertime. The mornings serenaded by songbirds, the sidewalks adorned with sweet blooms and the warm nights greeted by full moons … it feels like a wonderful dream. This month, OliveBox celebrated the … Continue reading

Ahoy paper lovers! And, the winner is…

Ahoy paper lovers!   This month, OliveBox escaped to the seashore! With summer just around the corner, we were ready to dig our toes in the sand, live in the sunshine and swim in the deep blue sea. So, we … Continue reading

May Box Unveiling Time + And the winner is… :)

Hey there!This month, we are celebrating the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Since nothing beats a lazy Saturday morning complete with coffee, toast and those you love the most, we are sending you a few goodies to help … Continue reading